Top 10 Rooks

So basically, i am basing this on, popularity, suprises and contribution. So these are my top ten rookies thus far.

1. Brandon Jennings – He is in a bit of a slump right now, but which great player doesn’t go into a slump? With outstanding scoring performances, and shocking everybody whoever doubted him, i think he fits right at number 1.

2. Tyreke Evans – This dude averages a whopping 20 points for sacramento. With constant entertaining plays, and amazing ball handling…i think he deserves this spot.

3. Stephen Curry – Although he started out slow, i think he is working his way well to the top. He leads all rookies with almost 2 steals per game.  although he is avergaing around ten points per game, he is consistent at averaging double digits in 11 of his last 12 games.

4. Ty Lawson – One of my favorite rookies. He was pretty much built for the nuggets. I do have to admit, what he did on AI was kind of overrated. AI is an old guy and can’t keep up…sorry!

5. Johnny Flynn – Hear about him through the grape vines, like Stephen he is also one of the late blossoms. He had a crazy game over in toronto though.

From here on….i am juts listing players and outstanding stats only becaus ei dont know to much about them.

6. Omri Casspi – one of the leaders in 3-points in the league from downtown at 512%

7. Jonas Jerebko – No, not another Jonas brother. One of the biggest suprises of the rookie crew. Picked at number 39 by the pistons, he is showing some top 10 skills.

8. James Harden – Reminds me of Baron Davis. He uses his size to overpower other guards to get to the basket and draw fouls. We all know he loves the free-throw line.

9. Wesley Matthews – What i like most about rookies, is when a rookie is undrafted and he shines and proves people wrong, and this is exactl what he is doing.

10. DeMar DeRozan – Kinda disappointed he is soo low, especially when his expectations were so high. But he still makes it to the top 10 list.

“Stay Ballin My Friends”


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