NBA Questionables Pt. 1.

1. Give a Kidd a Kiss Jamal Tinsley the NBA pedophile. No, not really before i get a lawsuit. Looking at it again, seems like the Kidd wants the kiss.

2. The Old, The bald and The UglyI am sure everyone remembers this infamous spit swap between Charles ‘Crispy Cream’ Barkley and Dick Bavetta. It was really disturbing to me, but i think some peoples grandma had a blast.

3. Now Thats a Contact SportI cant remember the names of our fine young men here but as we can see they love the contact sport. The facial expression of my man in Memphis (WHITE) is priceless.

4. Putting the “Personal” In Personal Trainer

There a few thing wrong with this picture. I will give you 10 seconds to find them all. *Jeopardy Theme Song*. Ok, i will start out with the obvious, the satisfactory smile on Sam’s face. The second is the freaky expression on the trainers face. Third, the new Karma Sutra position and fourth,  his hands in an unknown location.

5. Husstling for the  Ball Balls

First things first, OUCH! Shawn Marion picking up Kwame Brown for i dont know what reason. Look on the bright side, the coach cant be mad he is hustling for the ball.

6. Kiss Kiss RemixChris Brown and T-Pain aint got nothing on this kissing duo. Kobe and Brian cook really look like they were getting into it. Sadly this was affecting kobe game, so they traded him… :(. Another 😦  for walton in background enjoying this.

7. *!$#%%*!%! “I See YOU!!!”…the thing that would complete this nightmare is, whatever is in his shorts, pops out and shouts BOO. If his action doesnt scare you, his creepy stalker look will.

8. The Magic of Being in Heat

Some kind of magic happens when dogs are in heat. I guess Dwight Howard wanted to see how that feels. The Orlando Magic center doggies the Miami Heats guy (sorry his name escapes me).

9. Shaq The Ripper

Talk about ‘personal’ fouls. Shaq tackles this San Antonio Spurs guy. I know most of you don’t know his name and don’t really care, but for the spurs freaks who wanna know…Danny Ferry. I don’t know if this picture needs commentating.

10.WTF!!! There are pictures that look funny because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. This is just opposite. Picture looks kinda fake, but thats not the point, if this was true…comon SON!!!!! stop being a groupie…

Stay Tuned For part two…for even funnier and sicker pictures. [Pardon My English]. Well as i go for spiritual deliverance from that last picture, checkout the rest of my site…

“Stay Balling My Friends”


2 Responses to NBA Questionables Pt. 1.

  1. yeks says:


  2. Idris says:

    II knowwwww….its crazyyyy funny

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