The winner is…

So now that we have found out that LeBron is going to ?? What is next for the other team?

Nets – Well am sorry, but like i said before this might be the one thing that Jay-Z cant turn to instant platinum. But unlike the other teams, they are not as desperate to be good. They stil have two years or so to change locations, they still have next yers free agency (which is pretty good) to pick something up.

Chicago – The bulls still look good without LeBron. Their safety of stealing Boozer form NJ was genius. Like New York, not gaining anything from this draft would have left Them Down in the Dump.

Clippers – To be honest, i really don’t know what is going on with the clippers. but i smell trades coming in.

Miami – these  guys are good with or without LeBron. Still believe that Chris Bosh is overrated and will not pass the Magics, but they do have a good core. so i really dont have much to say about them.

Knicks – After years of waiting. they didnt get the prize possession. 3 tears to Knicks and their fans.. :'(. But on the bright side.. the knicks are still sitting pretty though. I repeat KNICKS FANS, DO NOT CRY JUST YET!!!

two words 2011 (twenty eleven). chris paul, carmelo anthony, tony parker. These are guys who have been in touch with Amar’e about playing in the Big Apple.

Cleveland – Sigh. :(. it was a good run.

“Stay Ballin’ My Friends”


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