Crazy Christmas Calamity

You would think the day that Miss Lindsay Lohan’s playboy cover was released would make headlines. You would be wrong. You would think that the day Albert Pujols left his beloved team of St. Louis to the LA Angels for 3 million dollars extra would make headlines. You would be wrong. You may also think the day that the owners and players finally ratify the 10 yr CBA deal so we officially have an NBA season. Once again my friend, you would be wrong. Today comes with not a wave but a tsunami of rumors from Tyson Chandler and Jamal Crawford to our popular Dwight Howard and Chris Paul.

Let’s start of with my favorite, The New York Knickerbockers. Several sources say the Knicks have practically wrapped up the deal to obtain Ex-Dallas Mavericks  center Tyson Chandler. This brought about a plethora of other rumors about the likes of Amar’e Stoudemire being traded and Chauncey Billups and Ronny Turiaf getting axed.  What’s my thought on this? Well, as much as i would’ve loved for them to wait and try and nab a Marc Gasol, this signing would give the Knicks what they have been starving for since the exit of Patrick Ewing. Amar’e being traded is a post of its own. I would just briefly say; there is no loyalty in sports. Whether its the players or the owners, the only important thing is the money they make. THE ONLY LOYAL THING ABOUT SPORTS ARE “TRUE FANS”. I say true fans, because there are a lot of fans who are just there to jump bandwagons. Amar’e was the first to come to NY with a the mind to revitalize the Titanic of the NBA. He also did it because no one would give him as much money as NY. Now the rumor is that Amar’e would be in a trade package for Chris Paul. Chris Paul is my favorite player and there is nothing I would want more than my favorite player in my favorite team. But is it worth it to trade Amar’e. I have been asking myself that until something that came up that I will talk about next.

Next, Chris Paul. After the whole Chandler rumor popped up, it seemed like CP3 would be ending up with the Knicks in a trade with Amar’e. This was crushed by news that a 3 team trade was in the works that would land the point guard with The Lakers. This trade would have Pau Gasol as a Houston Rocket and new Orleans would get Luis Scola, Kevin Martin and Goran Dragic and a 2012 1st round pick which was gotten from non other than the NY Knicks. New Orleans would also get Lamar Odom. The only important team to talk about here are the Lakers. The Lakers wouldn’t be that much better with the addition of Chris Paul and the subtraction of bigs is a killer. Kobe has won multiple championships without a great PG but with Bigs i.e. Shaq and Gasol.  But this deal was halted by the NBA due to the urge of Dan Gilbert. <– Click. This topic is another post on his own. It did come as quite a shock to everyone and a relief to some that David Stern put a halt on this deal.

Finally, Dwight Howard. The original plan was to get his luggage’s ready to go to Lakers after the acquisition of Paul. But no. That never happened. So what next. Well, reports are saying that Howard’s first choice is NJ. Other people believe the same fate will happen to him as did Chris Paul. I think not. First of all, the Nets are far from a star studded team and the NJ is not a big market, Yet. Now, this deal makes no sense to me from a Howard point of view. He wants to go to a team that he could win a championship with. If he is going to play with Deron Williams in NJ, they will have to trade away key pieces such wait.. what exactly do the Nets have.  Lopez? draft picks? That’s their future right there.  So why would Dwight Howard go to a team where they have nothing and leave a team where at least he has something. As Rebecca Black said ♫  It’s Friday, Friday, Friday ♫ and its the first day of free agency and training camp, lets see how it goes.

SIDE NOTES: Other deals that are meant to be done around the leagues are.

Jamal Crawford — > Chicago Bulls

Caron Butler — > LA Clippers

Shane Battier — > Miami heats

Eddy Curry — > Miami heats

Mike Dunleavy — > Milwaukee Bucks

Tayshaun Prince — > Extension with Detroit Piston

Keyon Dooling — > Boston Celtics

Shannon Brown — > Phoenix Suns


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