The New York Stinks??

“I just think the future of the team, being able to play alongside Amare Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony and the young talent that we have, I feel like puts us in contention over the next four or five years.” – Tyson Chandler

“Tyson brings a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm to the basketball in court, and I think he will do the same thing that he did in Dallas here in New York. We got what everybody wanted what New York to get, which was a big man. Tyson has established himself as a dominant force on the defensive end.” – Anthony

“We got a lot better, real quick.” – D’ Antoni

Those are all the quotes from some of the important pieces of the New York Knicks. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not here to say the Knicks suck or aren’t going

to make the playoffs but just here to break down whats going on. First of all, who is to blame, the Knicks or everyone else who thought they had already won a ring? When the Knicks first signed Tyson, everyone had stamped the Knicks as one of the teams to win the East and be a good contender for the championship. The Knicks are currently in a 5 game losing streak and are looking like a train wreck. Who’s fault is it? What’s happening? How can an accumulation of talent be so “ugh”?

Of course, i am not counting out the Knicks out of anything just yet. I still believe in the team. Am i biased and blinded by loyalty? Maybe. But that still doesn’t change the fact i believe. Now, the Knicks as a team, was poorly built.

The first mistake was to let GM Donnie Walsh go. He was the light at the end of the tunnel for this franchise. He knew something that we all didn’t know. He didn’t want to trade valuable pieces, just to get Carmelo Anthony.

The second thing that was poorly done was to bring in people for the wrong reasons. The people who wanted to come here didn’t want to come for the reason of winning. Amare got to New York because no one was giving him a MAX contract. Tyson Chandler would’ve gone to another team if the Knicks didn’t up the ante for him. Carmelo on the other hand is a special case. He came because he wanted to come home. I don’t believe that. Of all the three “stars” i think he wanted to genuinely win… but at home.

The third mistake was leaving Mike D’antoni as head coach. “I love Mic D’antoni but…” Charles Barkley voice. …But he cant get it done. I don’t think players believe in his system. I almost think he doesn’t believe in his system. To be fair, D’antoni hasn’t had a full team for more than a season in all his years in New York. Everytime you blink to long, the Knicks are a new team. This has a grave affect on chemistry and trying to know what everyone is about.

The problem’s the Knicks are facing is {drum roll}.. offense. Who would think a team that includes the likes of Carmelo and Amare are lacking serious offense. Well, ill tell you. But before i go into that, in reading an exert from one of my favorite basketball gossip sources, they mentioned something that really made some sense to me. The knicks only run three plays.

i) Isolation for Melo

ii) Amare catch and dribble to the basket

iii) Pass around the arc, hoping for an open shot to form itself, and when it doesn’t, try and drive through four defenders to the basket.

There are a few problems to this. Lets start with Iso for Melo. Hands down, Melo is one of the top scorers (not shooters) in the league. With a season as condensed as the one we are having now, there is no way Melo can be as effective as he wants because of fatigue. When Knicks are down, most plays end up with Melo shooting the ball and other have figured this out. This causes double team and other type of defensive tactics. This rules out iso on Melo.

Amare catch and dribble to the basket. Amare is an explosive offensive player WHEN HE GETS THE BALL IN PICK AN ROLL. He has shown he could get his own shot w/o the pick and roll but its not always effective. Why? Because Amare has no handle. Amare is also a selfish player. Once he gets the ball, he doesn’t pass, he holds the ball below him and 6/10 times, the ball gets stolen. Another problem is that Amare gets the ball so far away from the paint, he has to “dribble” to the basket, which he is not good at and causes a turnover.

Pass around the arc, hoping for an open shot to form itself, and when it doesn’t, try and drive through four defenders to the basket. With the Knicks lacking offensive players, this play is dead on arrival. Whats the point in passing the ball around when everyone is shooting at low FG percentages. The latter, which annoys me the most, is driving through multiple players. I don’t even think i need to explain this for you to know how this is terrible. Forcing a 1 on 3 would most likely end up with the 3 winning.

talking about this is quite depressing right? It gets worse.

Other Problems

Why would you get a point guard in Mike Bibby if he is not the PG that is to distribute the ball? “When” Bibby is in the game, why is Melo the one bringing the ball up?

Why can’t we play zone defense? Knicks are one of worst defensive teams when it comes to opponent FG %-age form inside and outside the arc. Why? Because, the Knicks play man-2-man and are not quick, verbal nor aggressive enough to keep up with their opponent. This leaves people open for high percentage shots.

Lack of a proper PG is killing the hell out of us. I respect Melo’s passing game, but he can’t run a team, because he is just better playing off the ball. For Mic D’antoni’s system to work, you need a good PG.

I think the Knicks problems are deeper than meets the eye. They are on a 5 game losing streak and have lost tragic games to teams they should beat with just the talent level they have e.g Phoenix, Milwaukee, a depleted Memphis, Toronto, Charlotte & Golden State. The problem could range from riffles in the locker room to lack of respect towards the front office. Whatever it is.. they need to fix it and QUICK because this team has quickly turned into the laughing stock of the NBA.

My Novice Solutions

I say novice, because i don’t know what the real problem is and to be honest, im just a blogger that thinks he has immense knowledge about the game. Haha.. of curse i do.

i) Trade Amare for a PG such as Rajon Rondo. Why? Because not only does it release ALOT!!!! of cap room, it get’s you a great point guard and space for improvement. Even if you can’t get Rondo, get a Steve Nash or a Mo Williams.

ii) Fire Mike D’antoni and replace him with Ass. Coach Mike Woodson. I do believe they added him to the coaching staff just for this cause.

iii) Beat them! Ok I’m kidding. But ass whoopings always shaped me up when i was a kid, it could have the same affect on the players. Just a thought

When all is said and done.. this is still a team with a lot of talent. this losing streak is just shadowing the real potential of this potentially great team. Once they get out of this funk,watch out NBA. With the likes and energy of Iman Shumpert, the leadership of Tyson Chandler, the falling out of the funk of the core two in Melo and Amare and the stepping up of the bench, and probably a good season for Baron Davis, we do have something to look forward to.

Hey! Believe it or not right now, it could be worse. You could be a Boston Celtics fan.

“Stay Ballin’ My Friends”


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