Some of you reading this may be asking who is Kony and what does it have to do with basketabll. My answer to you is nothing. Other’s who know Kony knows why i am doing this and are not asking questions. Kony is what some call “The Modern Day Hitler”. In his case, he takes kids from their parents and turn the boys and girls into heartless killing machines and sex slaves respectively. I suggest, not force, to take a few minutes out of your time to watch the video below and understand why i am going out of my way to put this up on my blog.


Knicks Billing Up

Seems like Chauncey has struck a kind nerve with the New York Knicks. Word on the streets is that Knicks are planning to sign chauncey to a cap friendly extension

Brown Breaking news…?

The only reason the question mark is there is because we all new that Mike Brown was gonna be  fired.

I think it was overdue… he really doesnt seem like a good coach to begin with. well.. i have nothing else to say, but with this coaching change.. there is a possibility that LeBron might just stay in cleveland.. lets see

My Teammates Hot Mom dot com

Word on the streets is that LeBrons mom is acting like a groupie and macing on NBA players. Havent heard juicier news since beetlejuice was becoming a movie…

ok, enough with the bad jokes.. who would do such a thing.. with out being Read more of this post

Guess who’s back…

… with a brand new blog. Hey everybody and dont mind my eminem exert. Yes its true, The Front Court is Back.. just in time for the NBA semi’s and the updates on the ping pong balls… So stay tuned..boomark this blog.. because i promise you that you guys will gain alot..


Well due to madd work.. i might be turning this to a twitter page in the mean time.. tell me what you guys think and i will get one.

PG’s on the Move

So the Rumors i have been hearing today

1. Sources say that the Celtics front office are trying to get Nate Robinson

2.We know Devon Harris is on the move, but it seems the lakers are interested.

3. Celtics may throw ray allen out there.

4. Bulls might actually trade Tyrus for Nocioni.