Some of you reading this may be asking who is Kony and what does it have to do with basketabll. My answer to you is nothing. Other’s who know Kony knows why i am doing this and are not asking questions. Kony is what some call “The Modern Day Hitler”. In his case, he takes kids from their parents and turn the boys and girls into heartless killing machines and sex slaves respectively. I suggest, not force, to take a few minutes out of your time to watch the video below and understand why i am going out of my way to put this up on my blog.


Guess who’s back…

… with a brand new blog. Hey everybody and dont mind my eminem exert. Yes its true, The Front Court is Back.. just in time for the NBA semi’s and the updates on the ping pong balls… So stay tuned..boomark this blog.. because i promise you that you guys will gain alot..


Well due to madd work.. i might be turning this to a twitter page in the mean time.. tell me what you guys think and i will get one.

Power Rankings: Santa’s List

Its really straight forward… first 14 teams get some credit, the next 5 get nothing and the rest get a lump of coal.

  1. Boston – Overall, the Lakers do have the best team, but the Celtics play the best as a team… do you understand?
  2. Los Angeles – I don’t mean the Clippers Obviously, I mean the Lakers. They have the best team and they have the best record in the NBA Read more of this post

Power Rankings: The October List


  1. Boston – They are not only beating their opponents but really giving them something to think about.
  2. Phoenix – what a surprise… I will put my foot in mouth…they are really coming. They started with weak teams…but that win over the first team…impressed me. Nash has been showing alot of team leader ship, so i believe that this is the real Phoenix.
  3. Denver – Unlike phoenix am not really surprised…and they only lost to the number 4 team on this ranking. Read more of this post

Off-Season Power Rankings

NBA Power-Rankings

This is the off season of my weekly power rankings. 1-15 are the contenders while 16-30 are the Bottom Feeders.
Big Name Players have to prove themselves before the teams could actually move up in the ranks e.g. Shaq, RI, Marion and Turkoglu. Injured ridden teams of last season, who had potential could also move up if they prove themselves e.g. Washington and Houston.  There are also teams who luckily have one player that make them e.g. Miami and Minnesota. These are my beliefs on how  teams fit in the NBA. If you think other wise, comment…I dare you… So we start with..

1.  Los Angeles – Only because they are the champs. They demand respect. Addition of defensive minded Artest is also a plus.

2. Cleveland – I would put them first but Shaq has a thing or ten to prove.

3. Boston – KG is back. Enough Said

4. Orlando – They should be No. 3 but letting Turkoglu go is an Ouch!

5. Denver – They got the grit and the confidence to do something big this year.

Read more of this post