The Front Court Podcast 06/12/2012

The Front Court Podcast
Talking about Game 1 of Thunder Vs. Heats; Defensive players with no offense; Sex and Basketball and a clip from Allen Iverson.


The winner is…

So now that we have found out that LeBron is going to ?? What is next for the other team?

Nets – Well am sorry, but like i said before this might be the one thing that Read more of this post

Eminem Vs. Jimmy

This is dedicated to Eminem for bringing out a sick album in “Recovery ” today.

Who do you think is…

NBA Questionables Pt. 1.

1. Give a Kidd a Kiss Jamal Tinsley the NBA pedophile. No, not really before i get a lawsuit. Looking at it again, seems like the Kidd wants the kiss.

2. The Old, The bald and The Ugly Read more of this post

Top 10 Rooks

So basically, i am basing this on, popularity, suprises and contribution. So these are my top ten rookies thus far.

1. Brandon Jennings – He is in a bit of a slump right now, but which great Read more of this post


OK ok ok….i think we have hit a new low on reality tv. For some reason, someone woke up in the morning and said “oh boy, i got a bright idea. I think i would make a reality TV show about nba wives. I am a genius”. I will give you 20 bonus points if you cold guess what channel its on…yes people..VH1..smh

what could they possibly talk about. Read more of this post