The Big 3 Vs. The Other 3

At first look, you will say “oh this guy is sooo biased”. As a Knicks fan, i would tell you “yes, you’re right”. But lets not jump into conclusion now. I hate both teams equally, maybe boston a little more (its a NY thang.. caman!!). Anyways am going to show which team has the better big 3: is it the Resilient Celtics or the “Star-Powered” Heats. This is where both teams stand as of today December 17, 2010.

Star Power                   Winner: Miami Celtics Read more of this post


Seeing Gold and Purple


I think its only right that we give the Champs their due respect. Clap Clap Clap. Read more of this post

NBA Questionables Pt. 1.

1. Give a Kidd a Kiss Jamal Tinsley the NBA pedophile. No, not really before i get a lawsuit. Looking at it again, seems like the Kidd wants the kiss.

2. The Old, The bald and The Ugly Read more of this post

Power Rankings: Santa’s List

Its really straight forward… first 14 teams get some credit, the next 5 get nothing and the rest get a lump of coal.

  1. Boston – Overall, the Lakers do have the best team, but the Celtics play the best as a team… do you understand?
  2. Los Angeles – I don’t mean the Clippers Obviously, I mean the Lakers. They have the best team and they have the best record in the NBA Read more of this post

Power Rankings: The October List


  1. Boston – They are not only beating their opponents but really giving them something to think about.
  2. Phoenix – what a surprise… I will put my foot in mouth…they are really coming. They started with weak teams…but that win over the first team…impressed me. Nash has been showing alot of team leader ship, so i believe that this is the real Phoenix.
  3. Denver – Unlike phoenix am not really surprised…and they only lost to the number 4 team on this ranking. Read more of this post

Legendary Beef: Isiah Vs Magic


Finally some juicy news. As some of you guys may have heard, Magic took shots at Isiah in a book he co-wrote with Larry Bird and author Jackie MacMullan. Magic questioned Isiah’s sexuality. Well to be honest, i kinda questioned it too, after seeing him all those days of Knicks coaching. Magic went on to say ” Isiah killed his own chances when it came to the Olympics. Nobody on that team wanted to play with him. … Michael didn’t want to play Read more of this post

Refs on Locks!!!

NBA Refs

So, the referee are on lockout. Can some tell when the hell a Strike started being called a lockout. Well, that’s not the point. The story behind this is that, one day the referees decided they needed more money, they went to David Stern (the commissioner) to plead for more money, but in the words of Referees spokesman Lamell McMorris “Stern is acting childish and not Read more of this post