Why is Melo not in the same breath as Kobe, LeBron or Wade?

Some people would look at the title and say “WTF, is he talking about. Does he know what he is talking about”. Then others would look at the title and say “Finally, someone with some common sense”. Read more of this post


Funniest TNT video Ever!!!

Am sure you guys remember this… ┬áHI-FREAKING-LARIOUS

“Stay Ballin’ My Friends”

Letter to Kobe

Dear Mr. Bryant,

First of all i will like to thank you for shutting up all the people on LeBron’s d*** on the discussion on the greatest player.

I know the past few days before the cavs were a eliminated, you have been Read more of this post

NBA Questionables Pt. 1.

1. Give a Kidd a Kiss Jamal Tinsley the NBA pedophile. No, not really before i get a lawsuit. Looking at it again, seems like the Kidd wants the kiss.

2. The Old, The bald and The Ugly Read more of this post

Black Santa ft. Kobe & LeBron

Am sorry you cannot even front…this ish is hot