The Front Court Podcast 06/12/2012

The Front Court Podcast
Talking about Game 1 of Thunder Vs. Heats; Defensive players with no offense; Sex and Basketball and a clip from Allen Iverson.


The Front Court Podcast 06/07/2012

The Big 3 Vs. The Other 3

At first look, you will say “oh this guy is sooo biased”. As a Knicks fan, i would tell you “yes, you’re right”. But lets not jump into conclusion now. I hate both teams equally, maybe boston a little more (its a NY thang.. caman!!). Anyways am going to show which team has the better big 3: is it the Resilient Celtics or the “Star-Powered” Heats. This is where both teams stand as of today December 17, 2010.

Star Power                   Winner: Miami Celtics Read more of this post

A Letter to Chris Bosh

Dear Mr. Bosh,

Man the fuck up! We know what you are doing. You are waiting for a big free agent to sign so you could hop on his bandwagon.

I think i remember you saying “I want to be the focal point of a team”. This is definitely not the way to do it. Atleast if you want to show osme leadership, do like Amar’e and sign and then recruit.

Thatsmy 2cents.. goodbye.


The Front Court.


I Am sooo verry sorry people.. i havent been on for a while… i have been so busy.. but now that the all star game have been set i got all the info for you.. Read more of this post

Best Actor

Scene: Its 10 seconds left in the game.. you are with the ball.. you dribble and a random guy comes to defend you.. you pass by him and he falls down as if you shot him in the head.. whistle blows… &^@)#@^)@.. HOW IS THAT AN OFFENSIVE FOUL!! This award goes to the biggest flops of the season.

Chris Bosh: You just have to see this for yourself.. smh

Chris Paul: I have to say.. am a fan of his flopping

Chris Douglas Roberts: Am not sure if this was this season but i just had to add it.

Raja Bell & Manu Ginobili: Yes it was simultaneous

AND THE WINNER IS… Don’t you just feel like slapping him?

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