Crazy Christmas Calamity

You would think the day that Miss Lindsay Lohan’s playboy cover was released would make headlines. You would be wrong. You would think that the day Albert Pujols left his beloved team of St. Louis to the LA Angels for 3 million dollars extra would make headlines. You would be wrong. You may also think the day that the owners and players finally ratify the 10 yr CBA deal so we officially have an NBA season. Once again my friend, you would be wrong. Today comes with not a wave but a tsunami of rumors from Tyson Chandler and Jamal Crawford to our popular Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. Read more of this post



OK ok ok….i think we have hit a new low on reality tv. For some reason, someone woke up in the morning and said “oh boy, i got a bright idea. I think i would make a reality TV show about nba wives. I am a genius”. I will give you 20 bonus points if you cold guess what channel its on…yes people..VH1..smh

what could they possibly talk about. Read more of this post

Power Rankings: The October List


  1. Boston – They are not only beating their opponents but really giving them something to think about.
  2. Phoenix – what a surprise… I will put my foot in mouth…they are really coming. They started with weak teams…but that win over the first team…impressed me. Nash has been showing alot of team leader ship, so i believe that this is the real Phoenix.
  3. Denver – Unlike phoenix am not really surprised…and they only lost to the number 4 team on this ranking. Read more of this post

Refs on Locks!!!

NBA Refs

So, the referee are on lockout. Can some tell when the hell a Strike started being called a lockout. Well, that’s not the point. The story behind this is that, one day the referees decided they needed more money, they went to David Stern (the commissioner) to plead for more money, but in the words of Referees spokesman Lamell McMorris “Stern is acting childish and not Read more of this post