The Slam Dud Competition?

It has gotten to the point that people rather watch that snippet with the 4 teams shoot and wait until the most unlikely person to make the half court shot makes it.. yah, that. The worst slam dunk competition EVER!!!! came last year, when Nate “kryptonate” Robinson won the slam dunk competition for a 3rd time. But it was a freebie. Come on.. look at it.. Read more of this post


Best Picture

This Award goes to the players who has the best poster dunk so far in the season.

Amar’e Stoudemire: Who gave LeBron a piece of his mind in the Paint.

Blake Griffin: Gives the German rookie Timofey Mozgov a “taste”. And he had a well balanced diet from the house of Griffin-dor

DeMar DeRozan: Size apparently doesnt matter dunking over Tyrus Thomas

J.R. Smith: Soars over Neal.. ofcourse not Shaq.. but this poster was big enough.

Rajon Rondo: In the video.. he didnt really dunk over him. But i dont like Bosh and i like the poster

Ronnie Brewer: The unknown guy here is Josh McRoberts.. Exactly


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“Stay Ballin’ My Friends

Top 10 Rooks

So basically, i am basing this on, popularity, suprises and contribution. So these are my top ten rookies thus far.

1. Brandon Jennings – He is in a bit of a slump right now, but which great Read more of this post