The New York Stinks??

“I just think the future of the team, being able to play alongside Amare Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony and the young talent that we have, I feel like puts us in contention over the next four or five years.” – Tyson Chandler

“Tyson brings a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm to the basketball in court, and I think he will do the same thing that he did in Dallas here in New York. We got what everybody wanted what New York to get, which was a big man. Tyson has established himself as a dominant force on the defensive end.” – Anthony

“We got a lot better, real quick.” – D’ Antoni

Those are all the quotes from some of the important pieces of the New York Knicks. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not here to say the Knicks suck or aren’t going

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Crazy Christmas Calamity

You would think the day that Miss Lindsay Lohan’s playboy cover was released would make headlines. You would be wrong. You would think that the day Albert Pujols left his beloved team of St. Louis to the LA Angels for 3 million dollars extra would make headlines. You would be wrong. You may also think the day that the owners and players finally ratify the 10 yr CBA deal so we officially have an NBA season. Once again my friend, you would be wrong. Today comes with not a wave but a tsunami of rumors from Tyson Chandler and Jamal Crawford to our popular Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. Read more of this post

Something BIG is Coming

Finally!!!! I have something to talk about. Its kind of sad that i wrote like a novel on the nba lockout the day before they reached the tentative deal. But i would’ve bored you guys anyways. Screw that though, the NBA is back and we are all happy as hell. Read more of this post

Knicks Make History

The New York Knicks, who we know for the their offense, proved what they were about today. The knicks knocked down 20 three pointers for the new team record which was previously 19. Another notable was Toney Douglas, who ties Latrell Sprewell and John Starks for the most 3 pointers by a single player in Knicks history (9). You could tell something special was going on from the beginning when all 3 pointers were receiving nothing but the bottom of net. The Knicks hope to continue both their defense and HOT offense tomorrow against the lowly Detroit Pistons.



The Knicks are now 7-6 after the blockbuster trade to bring Melo and Billups to the Knicks. Some of the most disappointing had to go to two towards the Cavz and 2 back to back to the Pacers. The Knicks aare currently at the 6th position, half a game in front of the 7th seeded sixers and three and a half games behind the Hawks.


Knicks Billing Up

Seems like Chauncey has struck a kind nerve with the New York Knicks. Word on the streets is that Knicks are planning to sign chauncey to a cap friendly extension

The winner is…

So now that we have found out that LeBron is going to ?? What is next for the other team?

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Important Fact NBA fans forget..

YOU CANNOT WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP WITHOUT A BENCH. Everyone is on and on about a starting 5. But we forget that the starting five cannot play 82 games along with playoff games for 48 minutes. Good energy bench players include people like

Nate Robinson

Manu Ginobli

Stephen Jackson

RIP Hamilton

Raja Bell

Quentin Richardson

Al Harrington

Well you get the point