Crazy Christmas Calamity

You would think the day that Miss Lindsay Lohan’s playboy cover was released would make headlines. You would be wrong. You would think that the day Albert Pujols left his beloved team of St. Louis to the LA Angels for 3 million dollars extra would make headlines. You would be wrong. You may also think the day that the owners and players finally ratify the 10 yr CBA deal so we officially have an NBA season. Once again my friend, you would be wrong. Today comes with not a wave but a tsunami of rumors from Tyson Chandler and Jamal Crawford to our popular Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. Read more of this post


Why is Melo not in the same breath as Kobe, LeBron or Wade?

Some people would look at the title and say “WTF, is he talking about. Does he know what he is talking about”. Then others would look at the title and say “Finally, someone with some common sense”. Read more of this post

Seeing Gold and Purple


I think its only right that we give the Champs their due respect. Clap Clap Clap. Read more of this post

Funniest TNT video Ever!!!

Am sure you guys remember this… ┬áHI-FREAKING-LARIOUS

“Stay Ballin’ My Friends”

Letter to Kobe

Dear Mr. Bryant,

First of all i will like to thank you for shutting up all the people on LeBron’s d*** on the discussion on the greatest player.

I know the past few days before the cavs were a eliminated, you have been Read more of this post


I Am sooo verry sorry people.. i havent been on for a while… i have been so busy.. but now that the all star game have been set i got all the info for you.. Read more of this post

Best Wowzer’s

This award will go to the top plays of the first half of the seasons that would make you go Wowzers..

Darco Milcic: Don’t worry, it’s still something negative but a Wowzer. How often do you see someone score from a jump ball, let alone scoring for the other team.

Derrick Rose: I don’t know what it was about this play.. no, actually i do know. Did you check out his elevation on this play?

Kobe Bryant: Remember when that college dude did an off the backboard to himself dunk and they asked him if he was thinking of LeBron and he said Kobe? This was what he was thinking of.

Raymond Felton: I just thought this was a wowzer because of all the people who caught a heart attack waiting for the ball to go in. P.S. it was a game winning 3.

Jason Richardson: Another heart attack counting moment.

Blake Griffin: Am sure Russians don’t mind American nuts. We knew who he was before.. but i think this game gave it more definition


This is actually difficult to choose from but im giving it to

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“Stay Ballin’ My Friends