The Front Court Podcast 06/12/2012

The Front Court Podcast
Talking about Game 1 of Thunder Vs. Heats; Defensive players with no offense; Sex and Basketball and a clip from Allen Iverson.


The Front Court Podcast 06/07/2012

Why is Melo not in the same breath as Kobe, LeBron or Wade?

Some people would look at the title and say “WTF, is he talking about. Does he know what he is talking about”. Then others would look at the title and say “Finally, someone with some common sense”. Read more of this post

The Big 3 Vs. The Other 3

At first look, you will say “oh this guy is sooo biased”. As a Knicks fan, i would tell you “yes, you’re right”. But lets not jump into conclusion now. I hate both teams equally, maybe boston a little more (its a NY thang.. caman!!). Anyways am going to show which team has the better big 3: is it the Resilient Celtics or the “Star-Powered” Heats. This is where both teams stand as of today December 17, 2010.

Star Power                   Winner: Miami Celtics Read more of this post

The winner is…

So now that we have found out that LeBron is going to ?? What is next for the other team?

Nets – Well am sorry, but like i said before this might be the one thing that Read more of this post

Important Fact NBA fans forget..

YOU CANNOT WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP WITHOUT A BENCH. Everyone is on and on about a starting 5. But we forget that the starting five cannot play 82 games along with playoff games for 48 minutes. Good energy bench players include people like

Nate Robinson

Manu Ginobli

Stephen Jackson

RIP Hamilton

Raja Bell

Quentin Richardson

Al Harrington

Well you get the point

What if LeBron & Wade died tomorrow…

What if they did die tomorrow? Does that mean the NBA would just stop. Exactly, so if you don’t get them, you find a way to build a team to beat them.

Agreed, they are the biggest names in the Free Agency Market, but it is possible that their could be a playoff or maybe a championship contention team without those two.

Am not the biggest fan of Chris Bosh, because think he is overrated, but since everyone else thinks he is hot shit, i guess i dont know what i am talking about. Here is my line-up for the Bulls & Knicks

Chicago Bulls:

PG: Derrick Rose

SG: Joe Johnson

F: Luol Deng

F: Amar’e Stoudemire

C: Chris Bosh

Off the bench you have Joakim Noah, Jannero Pargo and Brad Miller

New York Knicks:

PG: Toney Douglas

SG: Joe Johnson

F: Danilo Gallinari

F: Dirk Nowitzki

C: Chris Bosh

Off the bench you have Wilson Chandler, believe it or not a resign of  T-Mac would be decent

These are all examples. This would not happen, because players like dirk would want to stay in dallas, if he gets the cash he deserves and Chris Bosh and Amar’e in the front court would not work. The reason being that they both need the ball. Am not going to lie though, The Bulls are looking pretty good, with that line up.