Wade & James having fun at Dirks expense

Hey, They say who laughs last laughs best


The War of 18– Sorry I Mean 2011

For those of you who are like me and didn’t like American History or any type of history rather and snoozed during History class, you probably didn’t get the reference of my title. QUICK: The war of 1812 was the second war between the United States and the British Colonies. Some of you out there are still looking at me like.. WTH is he talking about. X_X. Let me remind you that it is a basketball blog, so keep in mind there should be a second battle of some sort going on here. Tick tock tick tock.. Finally you get it.

Now that we have all caught up, i want to ask the question. “WHO THE HELL ISNT Read more of this post

Why is Melo not in the same breath as Kobe, LeBron or Wade?

Some people would look at the title and say “WTF, is he talking about. Does he know what he is talking about”. Then others would look at the title and say “Finally, someone with some common sense”. Read more of this post

The Big 3 Vs. The Other 3

At first look, you will say “oh this guy is sooo biased”. As a Knicks fan, i would tell you “yes, you’re right”. But lets not jump into conclusion now. I hate both teams equally, maybe boston a little more (its a NY thang.. caman!!). Anyways am going to show which team has the better big 3: is it the Resilient Celtics or the “Star-Powered” Heats. This is where both teams stand as of today December 17, 2010.

Star Power                   Winner: Miami Celtics Read more of this post


Ex-Fans Burn LeBron James Jersey

Letter to Delonte West

Dear Mr. West,

Good Morning, am still debating on whether to give you a Hi-5 or a disgusting slap. Read more of this post