And FTW (For The Win)….

… THE WASHINGTON WIZARDS… suprise suprise. lets give a round of applause to the little old lady who could not close her mouth when the wizards card was pulled.

But now the question is.. how mad are the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets fans… Read more of this post


NBA Questionables Pt. 1.

1. Give a Kidd a Kiss Jamal Tinsley the NBA pedophile. No, not really before i get a lawsuit. Looking at it again, seems like the Kidd wants the kiss.

2. The Old, The bald and The Ugly Read more of this post

Team Titanic!!!

Is this just sad or what…i have nothing to say to this…
it speaks for itself

Hit The Road Frank!!!!!

New Jersey Head Coach Lawrence Frank was fired today by the head office. After an 0-16 start, one game away from an NBA worst for starts in history. Assistant headcoach Tom Barisse would be coacing the team until further notice.
As said on “Frank was in his sixth full season, the longest-tenured coach in the Eastern Conference and the winningest coach in the Nets’ NBA history. But none of those victories came this season, and the team dismissed him with a 225-241 record.